How rugs help make an instant good impression with the new in-laws

The in-laws on the cream shaggy rug
Whether you are setting up home together for the first time or have just got married, you will want to make a good impression on those very important people – your significant other’s parents. It doesn’t matter how long you have known them before they make their first visit to your new home, you know they will be looking around to make sure that this is a fit place for their lovely son or daughter to live. Before you think to yourself that it doesn’t matter what they think – you are a grown up, after all – stop! The in-laws’ opinions always matter, even when they are just plumb wrong.

The pursed lips

This is really one that the mothers-in-law have made their very own. Even if their own house is not a bastion of cleanliness, they will be looking at the dust on your mantelpiece with eagle eyes. The best way to stop this tactic is to have a stunning centrepiece in the room – a brightly coloured shaggy rug will draw the eye and you might get away with the dust. Any focal point will do. If you don't like bright colours, a patterned rug will have the same effect or you could use contrasting cushions or a lovely centrepiece vase. Just make whatever you choose a real conversation piece and the dust might just pass inspection.

The worried frown

This is more the speciality of fathers-in-law and it is usually caused by anything that could be dangerous for their little princess (or prince, but this is less common). The worried frown will appear if there is a worn carpet runner or something that could cause trips and falls. You can give the hall a bit of a makeover at the same time as making it safe if you go for the co-ordinated look and put the same rugs inside the door and then also up the stairs. And it is fair enough – holes in rugs and carpets are never a good idea in any home.

Cosy and welcoming

There are some in-laws who you can never please but even if you sadly have a set of these, you can still do your best and then you have the moral high ground - you always get the best view from there! Make your new home cosy and welcoming with soft furnishings, use a generous hand with the sherry and biscuits and put some clean fresh rugs on the floor and you may be halfway to impressing this most difficult audience!