Urban rugs with rock n roll attitude

Pictorial rugs are great fun and very popular in bedrooms and family rooms. If your decor is urban chic, then why not go the whole hog and decorate your floor with a NY yellow taxi rug – there are a number of prints available online with this as a theme and if you keep the rest of your decor quite plain, it would make a striking centrepiece. Having fun with modern rugs is all very well, but no one wants to spend too much on a look that may not stand the test of time – if you buy from Rug Zone, you don’t need to worry, because all of the pictorial rugs in their range begin at bargain prices, many under £20, so well within the ‘fun’ price range.

If you have a rocker in the family, they would love you to get the iconic Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’ rug – those lips and tongue couldn’t belong to anyone else! The bright colours make a splash of colour in any setting and it will raise a smile wherever you decide to put it. It would make a great statement as a modern rug in a hall – it deserves to be put where the most people will see it and unencumbered by furniture if you can manage it.

Children are usually fond of animals and as they get older and the fluffy stage is left behind it is sometimes hard to know how to decorate their room. Using some hot African colours and placing a pictorial rug depicting an elephant or giraffe makes the look rather more sophisticated but continues the animal theme nicely. You could go to the subcontinent and drape the bed and windows with some gorgeous sari fabrics and then dress the floor with a roaring or pacing tiger, just two of the pictorial rugs range from Rug Zone.

Modern rugs always lift an interior, making even quite traditional furnishings look a little more up to the minute. By using pictorial rugs you can also raise a smile – Union Jacks are very hot just now, following on from the Olympics, the Jubilee and the new royal baby so they are really fun to have in your house. You can perk up a room and be patriotic into the bargain – and bargain is the word at these prices. If you are strictly an England supporter, you can even get a flag of St George, all ready for World Cup coming soon.